map development is a boutique residential building firm with its basic premise centering on transforming communities and everyday life through building homes that are architecturally innovative with sustainable design that reflects a sense of individualism.  This approach, can easily be perceived unconventional, as progressive design is rarely available to the end buyer and can only be obtained by commissioning the elite team of architects and investing enormous time and expense.  Most buyers shy away from this undertaking not only due to the tremendousness of the task but also due to the intimate knowledge and expertise required to complete such projects.   Thus, perpetuating the deception that such dwellings are accessible only to the artistic elite and architectural intellect.

Michael and Susan Perryman based their business concept on their own personal love affair with modern architecture.  Michael, a native Manhattan Beach resident, believed in a social responsibility he had to his community that motivated the firm to raise the level of design to enhance the community and to create spaces that enrich the living experience. They believed in the narrow sector of the market who have a deeper appreciation for personal fulfillment and self expression through living spaces designed by renowned architects embodying classic, timeless yet cutting edge design.

Profit minded construction builders dominate the residential market.  With construction and design standards falling inexcusably low, market has been flooded with “cookie cutter”, cloned homes.  Conventional builders can produce homes significantly faster dismissing high design as complex and expensive.  Defying the convention, map development, yearns to share the passion of modernism with its buyers.  This quintessential minimalist firm, approaches each project with outmost care factoring each lot’s site orientation to the sun and view, transitioning living spaces, maximizing functionality, enhancing perception of space, drawing on organic modern aesthetic.  There maybe many homes in this endless inventory of speculative building, but none compares to a map development home in design integrity.

Captivating their audience, map development aims to not only influence other local developers, but to start a chapter or era where community aesthetic is valued by deploying innovative design, addressing environmental necessities while leveraging technological advancements.  The firms commitment to .. allows them to withstand the establishment balking at their strategies.  And we must say everyday….  Against All Odds….

our philosophy...